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Basement Apartment Remodeling at Corbett Design Build

Check out this basement apartment remodel!

This basement retreat was phase two of the remodeling project for this 1940s era home. The basement was partially finished and in need of an update and expansion to create living space for children attending college nearby.

An open layout kitchen and family room were created. An existing fireplace gives warmth and character to space. The kitchen was enlarged and reoriented and includes an island with seating as well as a new pantry. Vinyl tiles were installed on the existing concrete floor.

A storage area was transformed into a large game room with a wet bar. The bedroom was updated and an en suite bathroom was expanded and now features a large shower and walk-in closet. The kids may never want to leave home!

Basement Apartment Remodeling in Raleigh, NC     Basement Apartment Remodel

Goode Project 1 : Kitchen  renovation by Corbett Design Build Goode Project 1 : Kitchen by Corbett Design Build Goode Project 1 : Bathroom  renovation by Corbett Design Build Goode Project 1 : Bathroom by Corbett Design Build Goode Project 1 : Bedroom  by Corbett Design Build