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Basement & Attic Renovations Services by Corbett Design Build

The attics and basements in many homes comprise vast spaces that are going unused or are only fit for holding boxes gathering dust. These spaces have the potential to offer more livable space or high-quality storage, but few take advantage of the additional living space.

If you are planning a home renovation, considering the inclusion of your attic, basement, or both could give your kids the rec room they’ve been hoping for, expand your living space to feel less cramped or improve your storage systems to make them more accessible and less vulnerable to damage in an unconditioned space.

Basement Remodeling

Finished basements can provide an entire floor of additional space for your home if utilized properly. All too many basements are left unfinished, simply collecting boxes or old furniture and potentially exposing your belongings to water damage from flooding.

At Corbett Design Build in Raleigh, NC, we can turn your basement into a beautiful living space suited to any of your needs, providing full basement waterproofing and assistance in designing the ideal living space. Some basement ideas to get you started on dreaming up your new space include:

Remodeled living area in basement
  • Living Room Area: Add extra living room space to your basement, placing the TV or games in the newly renovated space for your kids or you to chill out with friends.
  • Office Space: If you always find yourself working at the dining room table or on the couch and would like some workspace to yourself, the basement can offer a calm, quiet space to locate your home office.
  • Bookshelves and Storage: If you still want your basement to be a primary location for storage, our design experts can help upgrade and remodel your basement to include storage units and shelving to provide easy access to your belongings while keeping them safe from water damage or mold.
  • Play Area or Rec Room: Whether your kids are still little or have already grown into teenage years, providing a separate space for them to play and hang out with friends can be a great use for your newly renovated basement. A kids’ play area in the basement lets you keep toys out without having to navigate them in your main living space, while a rec room with video games and a TV lets your teenagers chill with friends without taking up the main living space.
Open floor basement
  • Workout Space: While going to the gym regularly is a noble goal, it’s often much easier to exercise if your workout space is in your own home. Basements are the perfect space for locating exercise equipment, weights, and a TV for following along with workout programs. With older houses, exercising in the basement means you won’t have to worry about the impact of jumping jacks or other workouts shaking the rest of the house.
  • Additional Bedroom or Guest Suite: If your basement has sufficient lighting and windows, you can add a whole extra bedroom or guest suite in the basement, including a full bedroom and bathroom. Whether you’re expecting an addition to your family or simply want to be able to host guests more comfortably, your basement can offer the space you need without forcing you to move to a larger home.
  • In-law suite: A basement can be the perfect location for an in-law suite that can include a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchen if space allows.

However you hope to use your newly finished basement, our experienced designers and basement contractors at Corbett Design Build can help you turn your dream into a reality as part of a comprehensive home remodel, leaving you with a whole new floor of living space.

Attic Remodeling

Many homeowners don’t consider the attic as a potential livable space in their home, instead of filling it with insulation and seldom-used belongings inboxes. But if your attic is large enough, our design experts and experienced builders at Corbett Design Build can help turn the highest part of your home into a livable space as part of a broader home renovation project.

Attics often provide a unique, cozy space with their slanted roofs or loft-like feel ( see a good example here). Whether you’re hoping to add a secluded home office, build it into a play area for your kids or add a full bedroom, Corbett Design Build can help you turn your dream into reality from design through completion.

Our experienced home renovation planning and building team has been performing a custom full-scale renovation on homes in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding area since 1980. When you are ready to transform your attic or basement into additional living space as part of a home remodel, give our expert team a call at 919-845-7670!

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