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Building a Future-Proof Home

At Corbett Design Build, we firmly believe that a house is not just a brick-and-mortar structure – it’s a home, an abode filled with memories, emotions, and a deep sense of belonging. As the chapters of life unfold, it’s natural to desire to reshape your home to adapt and cater to your evolving needs. To make this possible, we offer our expertise in aging-in-place remodeling in Raleigh, NC. We mold your house to meet your present and future needs, ensuring you can continue to live in comfort, safety, and familiarity.

Unraveling the Concept of Aging-in-Place Remodeling

Aging-in-place remodeling transforms homes to cater to those who stay in their beloved abodes as they age. It involves adjusting, redesigning, and revamping homes to make them safe, comfortable, and accessible. This could include modifying kitchens and bathrooms, adjusting floor plans, installing handrails, and adding entryway ramps. These home remodeling for seniors are meant to accommodate changing mobility and lifestyle needs, enhancing the overall livability of the home.

Prioritizing Safety and Comfort in Senior Homes

At the heart of aging-in-place remodeling is the creation of a living environment that is safe, comfortable, and attuned to the changing needs of seniors. Aging often brings with it challenges in mobility and physical capabilities, turning common home features into potential hazards. Aging-in-place home modifications mitigate these risks, enhancing safety and comfort. The goal is to enable seniors to maintain their independence, live safely, and enjoy a high quality of life in their homes.

Our Strategy for Aging-in-Place Remodeling

At Corbett Design Build, we have a well-crafted approach that assures the best outcomes for your home:

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Consultation – Every project begins with a thorough home evaluation, followed by discussions to understand your lifestyle, medical needs, and personal preferences.
  • Designing for Safety and Accessibility – Based on the assessment, our team develops a design plan focusing on safety, accessibility, and ease of use. This could entail wider doorways, non-slip floors, walk-in showers, or cabinets that are easy to reach.
  • Custom Renovations to Meet Individual Needs – Understanding that every individual is unique, we tailor our home remodeling for seniors to accommodate your needs, tastes, and budgets.
  • Incorporating Universal Design Principles – Our aging-in-place design approach integrates universal design principles, ensuring your home is versatile, adaptable, and user-friendly, regardless of age or ability.
Aging-in-Place Remodeling in Raleigh, NC

Embracing the Benefits of Aging-in-Place Remodeling

Opting for aging-in-place remodeling brings a multitude of benefits:

  • Continued Independence – It enables you to live independently, caring for your needs in your own space.
  • Familiar Surroundings – You get to continue living in your cherished home, nestled within a community and neighborhood you are attached to.
  • Economic Viability – More often than not, modifying your existing home proves more cost-effective than moving into a senior living facility.

Trust in Our Experience and Expertise

With over three decades of experience, Corbett Design Build has become a trusted name in home renovation for seniors in Raleigh, NC. Our team, driven by a commitment to quality, brings invaluable experience and expertise to every project. We pride ourselves on our eye for detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and customer service. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we won’t rest until your home is exactly as you envisioned – safe, comfortable, and just right for you.

Begin Your Journey With Corbett Design Build Today

Ready to create a home that grows with you? Contact Corbett Design Build today to discuss your aging-in-place remodeling project. Let us help you build a home that evolves with your needs, enabling you to live independently and comfortably in the place you love for years. We also provide other remodeling services like Mudroom remodeling, Office Remodeling, Whole house remodeling, and pergolas & pavilion installations.

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