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Discover Unrivaled Charm by Remodeling Your Fireplace

No home feature rivals the cozy atmosphere and charm of a fireplace. Your fireplace may have once seen better days with age and consistent use. Fortunately, Corbett Design Build is here to help you discover the transformative power of remodeling a fireplace. As Raleigh, NC’s leading fireplace remodel contractor, we’re here to bring unparalleled value to your home.

Fireplace Remodeling Services in Raleigh, NC

Your Destination for Exceptional Fireplace Design

Whether you recently bought a home with an outdated fireplace or want to revitalize your hearth to create a stunning focal point, choose Corbett Design Build. We do everything from classic brick fireplace remodel designs that exude a rustic flare to sleek, contemporary tile finishes. Choose us for industry-leading craftsmanship and one-of-one designs that bring value to your home.


When it comes to remodeling a fireplace, the options are endless. Whether you’re looking to transform your traditional wood-burning fireplace to a gas model, in search of a fireguard, or retro-fit fireplace designs, you have many opportunities to amplify the look and feel of your home. Corbett Design Build guides you through the process, ensuring you get the best for your home.

Importance of Remodeling Your Fireplace

Remodeling your fireplace plays an instrumental role in setting the tone of your environment. A remodeled fireplace can serve as a gathering space for loved ones and a cozy source of relaxation, contributing to the overall ambiance of your home. Furthermore, a pristine, remodeled fireplace enhances safety, efficiency, and property value.

Benefits of Fireplace Remodeling Services

Our fireplace remodeling services are custom-tailored to suit your specific design goals. With decades of time-honored experience, you can expect a range of benefits when you work with our team, including:

  • Increased comfort and ambiance
  • Greater functionality equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Enhanced energy-efficiency
  • Improved safety
  • Personalized design suited to your style
  • Boosted property value

Our Custom-Tailored Approach to Remodeling a Fireplace

No two homes are the same. That’s why we take a custom-tailored approach to satisfying our customer’s fireplace remodeling goals. We begin with an in-depth consultation and assessment to inspect your current fireplace and learn about your requirements and preferences. From there, we curate an effective remodeling plan that seamlessly satisfies your fireplace aspirations.


Masonry Repairs and Upgrades

Many homeowners look to us for masonry repairs and upgrades for age-related wear and deterioration to fulfill their brick fireplace remodel. From minor masonry repairs to complete fireplace overhauls, we have your needs covered with brick fireplace remodel services that promote enhanced structural integrity, function, and beauty.

Fireplace Insert Installation

Choose Corbett Design Build for custom fireplace insert installation to mitigate heat loss and decrease emissions. These electric upgrades are designed to integrate with your existing masonry fireplace seamlessly. They are installed directly inside your fireplace and serve to optimize fuel efficiency and heat retention.

Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance

The charm of a traditional brick fireplace is unmatched. However, the maintenance and cleaning demands can be daunting. That’s where Corbett Design Build comes in. We provide full-stack chimney cleaning and maintenance to increase the performance and safety of your masonry fireplace for enhanced comfort.

Fireplace Remodeling Process

Corbett Design Build is dedicated to prompt, effective, and seamless service, no matter the project we take on. As such, we begin our fireplace remodel with a comprehensive consultation and assessment before we move on to custom-tailored designing and planning. Once you approve our modernized design plan, we move on to construction to get you on track to exceptional results.

Contact Our Fireplace Remodeling Contractors Today

When considering remodeling a fireplace, look no further than Corbett Design Build. Our trusted professionals are here to amplify your old fireplace remodel with custom-tailored solutions that exude beauty and functionality. We also provide other remodeling services like Mudroom remodeling, office remodeling, aging-in-place remodeling, Whole house remodeling, and pergolas & pavilion installations. Contact our friendly team today to get started on remodeling your fireplace.

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