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Garage Addition with Enclosed Breezeway at Corbett Design Build

Part 2: Garage Addition with enclosed breezeway

Part 1 converted the two-car garage to a kitchen and laundry. A new addition prompted the need for a garage once again to house their classic truck. They asked for a separate garage thinking that would be the only option due to setback constraints, trees they didn’t want to lose and not wanting to tie directly into their home. We presented them with a different option that gave them the best of both worlds. The resulting transition space really works well for their lifestyle giving them a new closer “front” door for guests, an area to clean up the dogs before going inside and a cute place to relax and hang out. The garage was designed to reflect the character of the classic truck it would house with the stained beams and lighting. The vaulted ceiling gives the small garage a more expansive feel.

Garage Addition with Enclosed Breezeway in Raleigh, NC Garage Remodel Projects by Corbett Design Build

Garage Redesign in Raleigh, NC Garage Renovation by Corbett Design Build