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The biggest underlying problem with remodeling is failing to thoroughly plan your project. No one plans to fail, but many fail to plan. An experienced remodeling firm like Corbett Design Build can help guide you through the very complex process of renovating your home. You definitely do not start a remodeling project by getting three estimates...

First of all, you must have a concrete set of plans and specifications in order for you to accurately compare bids. Bids done without clear plans can leave out items that you think are included or can have inadequate allowances on products which make the bids appear to be a better price when in fact, they will lead to more money out of your pocket.

Secondly, you need to choose a designer with both design talent and construction experience. Corbett Design Build has a wealth of construction and design expertise that we will put to work for you. We will show you cost effective design options that you may not have been aware of as well as point out potential construction concerns. Corbett Design Build’s award-winning talent produces plans that are both beautiful and functional and reflect your personality.

We have been remodeling and creating great relationships in the Raleigh area since 1980. If you are considering remodeling in the Raleigh area, please give us a call.

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