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Ready-Made vs. Custom

When it comes time to choose materials for certain home improvement projects, it can be hard to know whether it’s better to select ready-made, prefabricated options, or pay more for customized materials that tend to be higher quality. Let’s take a look at three of the most common home improvement projects in which you have to make this choice.

Cabinets - Stock vs. Custom: An entire set of ready-made kitchen cabinets is definitely not cheap, but when compared to the cost of custom-built cabinets, it’s actually a pretty good deal. This is because hand-made cabinets are time-consuming to make, even by an expert craftsman. The quality of the wood and hardware, not to mention the craftsmanship, is also usually much better than that of stock cabinets churned out at a factory, which figures into the higher price. So while ready-made cabinets work for most people, custom cabinets are a beautiful addition to your home if you can afford them, and a smart investment that will last you for years to come.

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